Julie Strongs MK1 5 speed

These are Exclusive FIRST EVER seen pics of this fine example

Julies MK1 5 Speed

This 5 speed Chopper is all original and has been in a guys loft for decades

Original Slick

This bike of Julies still has the ORIGINAL vinylon slick on it

Rons MK1 Crossover

This bike was a pile of Scrap beforeRon gave it a maeover

RON 206

Come in Ron your time is up

Ron Likes an Accessory or two (hundred)

Wearing one of our paint jobs, this bike looks a stunner

The Photoshoot

this is one of the pictures used by the media for the launch of the Chopper 04

Green Sprint

I bought this two years ago and eventually found a colur match so I decided to finish it

Who could do this to an SE?

Only Lee can

The Herbie SE

Big Brother to the Herbie Tomahawk, Totally restored from a bike found at the local tip in Surrey

Julie Strongs Eaton Fastback 100

Old as the hills, this one is Cable through the frame

Eaton Fastback 100

A classic in the making here

Another SE

This bike was resurected from a frame and two wheels

A Stunning Photo

This could almost be an advert

Ooooohh Nice SE

These are the nicest looking Mk2 Chopper

Grants SE

Another SE Very Nice indeedy

Grant mc Kelvie's SE

A corker of an SE here which makes up part of his nice collection

Grants Pinkie

Bit like North & South here Home from Home and all that

Grants Yellow Mk1

This bike is awsome I WANT IT !

Prissy Black and Mk1

Two more mint restored bikes from Grants immaculate collection

Grant mc Kelvie's Silver Mk2

With the gear lever corrected he owned this bike from new

TC Black NOS Mk2

Found locally in a bike shop this lucky find is now on display at Canterbury Cycle Mart

Rare Nos Mk2 Prismatic Black

This is a late 79 bike last of the old Chopper as we new it

Tc Pinkie

This is my favorite bike of the moment

How Nice, a Chopper 5

Bit of grafitti on the wall and we're there

TC Chopper 5

This bike has had and 18 month restoration every nut and bolt has been rechromed

Sophie's Mint BMW Pink Chopper

Sophies Pink Chopper with Nivens Glitter seat and a Glitter Bag