Latest photo's of what we are all doing

These are the latest pic's of what's going down brought to you first by



Meet Rex the Guard Thingy

This is Rexinald or Alex as he is known to his friends

Funny I never imagined Alex looking like this.

Jasons Weavers Mint Tomahawk

This is the first piccy of Jason 1000.00 Tomhawk

Jasons Rear End

See the quality of this resto jobby.

But How do you pedal it?

Jasons Tommy Front End

What a nice paint job! I Wonder who did that?

Jasons Choppers

A Mighty fine pair

Jasons Golden Mk1 & Red Mk2 Choppers


Jason Weavers Mint NOS Red Mk2

Jasons Pride and joy

Mk2 Red Front End

I think Jason got a camera for xmas

NOS Chopper of Jasons


Jasons Red Rear End

This is Something Special

Jasons Mint Golden Yellow Mk1 HBR

What a stunner this machine is

Niven Ladds Pride and Joy

Nivens Mint Lemon Peeler Disc Brake Model

Striker Restored by you guessed Jason Weaver

We painted this as a quicky job and never expected this result.

The Striker

Merry xmas to Jasons Godson from all of us @ Raleigh-Chopper.Net

Striker with New Stickers

This is the last of Jasons photo's For now

What can I say

The Finest Car in the world accompained by the Best Chopper SE in the world

History in the Making

Here we have it History in the remaking

TCSE & Rolls 2

Anyone wishing to Hire the Chopper or the Rolls for promotional purposes e-mail us

Zoe's Girly Chopper & Rolls

Zoe's custom built Mk2 Girly Chopper and the Rolls Silver Wraith, Priceless

Paul the Chopper Coppers Mk1 Before

A before piccy of PC's mk1

Paul the Chopper Coppers Mk1 Restored

Just like that, This guy holds the rebuild world record

Budgie Se ?

Yes another mini bike from the Gary Hughes houshold

Budgie SE with Alloys ??

when Gary gets an Idea he gets an Idea

Budgie Se

Someone will be happy this Christmas

Rear Veiw

Yes well if you are going to do it Do it right, Love the seat sticker

Sent in by Sue

This is ace sent in by Sue with her two Brothers on there Chopper 20 odd years ago

A Negative Budgie in the making

A negative of Garys Mini Se theis is another Xmas pressie for my Grandson

Nice Huffy

Niven being metaculious as he is was well pleased with the end result here. See it at Billing next June.

Lee Malins Tandem

As promised the first piccys of this resto.

This is the bigest job we have encountered on to date

Lee Maling Tandem

Check out the custom made chainguard we manufactured from scratch.

TC's Pinkie

I got one at last a Pink Chopper 5

I wont restore this until next year I want to play on it first

Herbie Near done

here we trial fitted the seat which was custom made by Niven Ladd which at the moment is currently under going a modification and we are still awaiting the custom made HBR that will be fitted later

Tommy Herbie back from Paintshop

Finished in Pearl White another Luv Bug coming up

Herbie coming together

The Reconitioned Rear Wheel

This Piccy clearly shows the quality of this restoration

Herbie chainguard

Stickers arrived Red, White and Blue of course

Herbie Stickered

Yes well what can I say the Stickers Custom made by Mike (the chopper chap) Hughes.

Herbie Stickers

These stickerd took a lot of thought from Mr Hughes and myself posting drawing back and forth and here they are.

Herbie Near Done

All refitted just awaiting the seat and the HBR to come back from the chromers

A Chipper Mk2

Found this on Ebay offered for sale

I have snipped it hopefully it will join our collection

Jason Weavers MK2 Fizzy Lemon

Everthing on this bike is NOS and has been Rechromed because the quality of Raleigh was'nt good enough for him.