The London Bike Show 2004 Including Sparkie the Custom Chopper

We where invited to bring along the Custom Bike to exhibit on the

stand and as a result received four commissions to build Choppers for other organisations.


Veiw from upstairs down

TurboSoke Stand

more turbo Spokers

Turbo Spoke Cow

Cool C Bike & Its Creator

The C Bike

Concept Cruiser

With Gas Gear Change


Sparkie in the Foyer

Lay on this Baby

Sparkie & Metro Mini

Mr Pee Wee's Bike


I I What have we 'ere then?

A natty bike from Scott

Sparkie on Parade

Sparkie on the Turbo Spoke Stand

The New Schwinn Stingray


Guess Whats Next?

A 3rd Scale Concept

Cool Custom