C bike & Its Creator

C Bike

Turbo Spoke Cow

Concept Cruiser value $6000

Nitros Gear Change

Dahons Foldaway Bikes

Sparkie in Foyer

TurboSpoke doing their bit

Oi! get your feet off my bike

Sparkie with Metro Mini #1

Pee Wee's Bike


who BTW had nothing to do with the deasign of this bike at all

I I I What have we 'ere then

Nice bike from Scott

Two ledgends together

TurboSoke Stand

Stingray Stingray

Live Stunt shows OUCH!

I can feel a project coming on!

This is not my doing

Oi Look at the camera

Dont be shy

Spot the TurboSpoke

3rd scale concept bike

Nice Yellow Cruiser

Cruiser with a hand