Kevin Powells 125 cc

New on the scene kevin aquired this bike in 2006 and restored it to a nice example

Kev's resto pics

This is the guy from Germany

cant remember his name

Jim Grahams Chopper

Jim reckons this is the oldest suvivor, Frame number 1031

Nowhere near old as mine

Jim Grahams 50cc Chopper

The second known earliest one left,

Jims Chopper 50 cc

Benny from Denmarks 125cc Chopper

Brent Fielder's 108cc SS50

Brents a cheater so ner! ner!

My 50 cc Fantic Chopper

Frame number ending 008 they dont come earlier than this.

Geoff's very nice 125

Geoff's Fantic 125 The Other Side

Paul Barkers 125cc Chopper

From Austrailia these pics where sent

Paul Barkers Chopper

Pauls Rear End

Pauls stunning resto

Euro spec having done just 800kms from new

Steves Fantic 50

Very Nice Indeed

Barry Moore's Pair of Choppers

More of Bazza's bikes

A Very Sad Looking 50cc Chopper

Bazza mate sell it to me I need it more than you

125 cc Fantic Chopper

These where found in the States with zilch miles on them

125 cc Twin Sister

The Italian version of the 125 cc Fantic Chopper NOS again

My 125 cc Fantic Chopper

My Fantic befor I ripped it to peices and lost most of it

Andy Carters 50 cc chopper

Nice original photo from 1976

I remember when

Scanned from Classic mechanics