This Shop offers  NOS and Reconditioned & Repro Parts for  all Makes & Models of Raleigh Choppers at Mega Discounted prices


Item Price in
Redline Tyres 15.00 pr
Red Gear Shift  Knobs      Mk2 All Models 5.00 ea
Black Gear Shift Knobs     Mk2 SE 5.00 ea
Chopper MK1 Lamp Brackets 10.00     
New Chopper Mk1 Grips 7.00 pr 
Hooked Front Brake Stays  10.00 pr
Mk1Sticker set    Black  or White 10.00    
Front Cables 10.00    
Rear Cables Sold Out    
Stand Removal tool 5.00    
Shifter Cables 5.00    
Mk 1 High Backrest & Pad New Chromed 105.00    
Mk1 sissy bar Stainless Steel Replica 55.00    
Chopper Mk 2 NOS Brake Levers 15.00 pr or 8.00ea
Repro 123 Window 10.00ea
Chopper Mk2 Cosole Sticker Repro 7.50    
Raleigh Chopper NOS Flagpoles 3' High 10.00