I Have had  Hundreds of  E-Mails asking for Colour Codes So here you go!

Well these are what I have found to be the Best Available from my own personnel experience in Respraying all the Choppers I have done over the last few  years for many of you.

There will be some missing but as I get Patterns I will add them

I cannot Guarantee any of these but they are closer than anything else advertised on the web so far!

I am also sure many Anoraks out there will correct me on any mistakes I have made re the years.

Should you have difficulty obtaining these colours from your local supplier we can supply either 1/2 litre for approx 10 or an aerosol can for around 8.00. plus P+P

Chopper Colour Paint Manufacturer Our Colour Code Match % Year Chopper Type


Golden Yellow RAL RAL 1006 98% 1969-71 Mk1           
Horizon Blue RAL RAL 5015 96% 1970-70 Mk1 x over
Targa Mustard RAL RAL 2000 100% 1969 Mk1
Orange RM RC20 100% 1970-71 Mk1 x over
Carmine Red Octoral                          BMW M/cycle 114 100% 1969 Mk1
Flamboyant Green Sikkens Colour Map  326 es pearl met green 100% 1969-72 Mk1 & Sprint
Tangerine (Fire Bronze) To Match Only Piaggio Bronze Met   1971-72 Sprint
Infa Red ICI Spectrum HC 72 100% 1971-75 Mk2
Fizzy Lemon Ford Signal Yellow 98% 1971-75  
Ultra Violet RM Colourmaster 4344a 100%    
Silver American Ford Silver 100% 1975-77 Mk2 & SE
Dusky Pink RAL Ral 4006 96% 1976- Chopper 5
Black Ford Black  70's & 80's 100%    
Space Blue RM Colourmaster M4144G 100% 1975- Mk2

This colour chart is free to you all and is copyright protected by www.raleigh-chopper.net any unlawful copying or use of these codes in other publications or web sites relating to the Raleigh Chopper we will take further action.

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