Bens Gallery

Brought to you in association with  This Raleigh Chopper Special Edition restoration owned and being loving restored by Ben Tranmer.

We will be adding pictures as and when items are added to bring the bike to its former glory


The SE as Found

In its former state as found

Rusty Rear End

The rear end before stripping

Front End Before

The front end before being stripped for rebuilding

Down shot

The rustiest mudguard and carrier I have ever seen

Inside rear hub

After being stripped and cleaned the inside of the imfamous SE rear brake hub that never works

Rear Hub

Rear hub assembley after being repainted stripped and polished

Front Wheel Blasted

The front wheel after being bead blasted ready for paint

Front Wheel Painted

After being painted with special wheel silver and coated with acrylic laquer for a nice satin finish

Frame After Shotblasting

The raw frame after a vigerous shot blast to remove all the rust and crud

In Primer

The frame set in primer ready for the top coat


The frame set after being painted with two pack and four coats of laquerer

Frame Finished

Another frame shot after painting

Bottom Bracket

The bottom bracket after being highly polished and refitted

Another Painted Shot

Left hand side piccy of the Ben SE

Head Badge

The head badge refubished and refitted with nice new rivets


The frame with stickers on it

SE Stickered

Complimented by Micheal Hutchinson's Stickers

NOS Pedals

We found a pair of NOS pedals that will be added to the bike.