I am pleased to announce that we have now gained permission from Raleigh UK to reproduce the Mk1 & Mk2 Raleigh Chopper Decals

So with the copyright laws overcome I can now say that we have commissioned the Original type of transfers used by Raleigh in the 1970's known as DRY RUB TRANSFERS

It has to be said that anything other than our decals will now be inferior.

Although not the cheapest but they are by far the best, how can they be bettered they are the REAL THING?

The product looks like it's printed directly on to the frame, micro thin and unlike vinyl leaves no edge.




Applying Dry Rub Transfers.

Unlike Vinyl these are not very forgiving so accuracy and a steady hand are a must.

1, Remove the backing  paper.

2, Place your decal on the frame face upwards.

3, Smooth it down with your fingers. (the manufactures recommend silk gloves)

4, Now lift the corner of the carrier and Rub the decal until the carrier can be easily removed.

5, Sit back and admire your bike for the duration.



We can still supply vinyl stickers for all the Chopper and Tomahawk ranges if required

Other Decals available are the:

Mk 2 console Sticker accurate to the finest detail price at 8.00 inc P+P

The American Made in England decal 3.00 inc P+P

Raleigh Tomahawk Mk2 and Mk3 full vinyl sets 10.00 inc P+P


Really BIG thanks to RALEIGH UK for allowing us to use the original artwork and format for our decals

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