A Golden Day Out

A Special Thanks to Gary Hughes for the Kind Donation of these Pictures

Raleigh Factory Nottingham

The Raleigh Factory with a pic of Mark Rich's Sierra

Wall Stone

Plaque carved in stone on the Factory wall

Through the keyhole

Pictured through the window the Golden Chopper brochure still on the wall

The 1,000,000 th Chopper

Specially brought to the factory for the day


A nice back end shot of this magnificent bike

Another Golden Pic

The nicest rear end I have ever seen

Oh The Front

Nice shot of the Front

Brass On Gold

The Brass Headbadge on the Golden Chopper

Gold SE

It must the Queens Jubilee

A Golden Shifter

A unique shifter used here I see

You Just Cant Enough of this Masterpiece

One Of ? Only at the moment