Welcome to the home of the Fantic Chopper unbeatably the worlds finest Sixteener Special

Fantic Chopper 50cc Restoration

Here I start with a very sad looking 50cc Fantic Chopper which over the next few years I will gather parts and attempt to restore it to a usable bike.

The donor bike was purchased from Bob Wright Motorcycles way back on the 20th August 1998 for 600 Reg Number AFH 170M and a frame number ending in 078 this is truly a very early bike.

The engine was seized solid the frame in need of some serious fabrication no wiring and most parts missing I still thought it needed saving so here goes!

I had the frame blasted some time ago and should have etch primed it but never so it looks sad,

I have managed to get an exhaust heat shield and a NOS fishtail which has solved the exhaust problem.

A complete set of NOS footrests have come my way as has a NOS tank all for just 160.00.

The lugs for the footrests are missing from the frame so I had some machined up from a stock piece of bar.

A guy called me one evening and said I hear you are looking for some "Fantic Chopper parts?" after a quickie conversation he manufactured chainguards and headlamp brackets which I needed both of so we dealt and they arrived and till this day they stay in bear metal waiting chrome and paint.

I had to smash the barrel to pieces to get it off the engine but I have since obtained a good working engine that I have had running so I will use this one for the final build.

I have acquired many parts over the years and I have all the chroming done. new seat covers and the missing backrest pad have been made up for me by Ray Brice a master vehicle trimmer from Canterbury.

I will have the wheels refurbished as time goes on I have had my 125cc chopper wheels done by Paul Woods and ex speedway rider pal of mine and they look good.

I think that somewhere somehow I may have lost the swinging arm this will be a big problem if I have. I will at this stage sort out the loft in the garage where most of this bike was once housed.

The old tank from the bike I have customised with an Italian theme just dont know whether I want to put it on the bike, The purists might complain  about it. Still I have a couple of spares so who knows maybe?