More Stunning Bikes from around the world




The Tandem

How it looks today nearly done

Pauls Costins Mk1 Before

That was then

Paul Costins MK 1

Pauls loverly Mk1 after resto

Alex Jewells Sprint GT

A Nice Restored Sprint here from Alex

Darren Meer's Nice White Sprint

Not bad for a Non original bike I suppose

Alex Jewells Pinkie

Another nice resto out of the Alex chopper Factory

Simon Daniels Mint Resprayed Frame

Resprayed in an exact match of Flamboyant Green from wey up noth this chopper comes

A Negative Budgie in the making

A negative of Garys Mini Se theis is another Xmas pressie for my Grandson

TC's Pinkie

I got one at last a Pink Chopper 5

I wont restore this until next year I want to play on it first

Tommy Herbie back from Paintshop

Finished in Pearl White another Luv Bug coming up

Herbie coming together

The Reconitioned Rear Wheel

This Piccy clearly shows the quality of this restoration

Herbie chainguard

Stickers arrived Red, White and Blue of course

Herbie Stickered

Yes well what can I say the Stickers Custom made by Mike (the chopper chap) Hughes.

Herbie Stickers

These stickerd took a lot of thought from Mr Hughes and myself posting drawing back and forth and here they are.

A Chipper Mk1

This bike made a staggering 180.00 on ebay

TC Pinkie Before Restoration

Well at least I have one

Kaiser B's Soap Box

Kaisers go cart complete with our sponsership on board

Biagios Chopper 5

Rear End Veiw of the Chopper 5

Biagio certianly looks after his machines

Nice Left Hand Veiw of the B Chopper 5

Every angle of this bike is nice

Oh An SE

Again from Biagio his near Mint SE

Biagios SE

This bike is all original Sadly he sold them both to a chap in Cambridge for 3k the pair