London Eye and Latest Pics

Here are some London Eye Cruise snaps and some of the latest pics available


Choppers @ Starbucks

The line up ready to cruise

Only Ron Can

20ft drop and gail force winds Ron just had to do this

Not So Sure

He was reluctant to let go

Ron & TC's Mk1's

The Tc 5 Speed and Rons Mk1 posing in front of the London Eye


The TC Mk 1 Pumkin 5 speed

Chopper Copper

Our resident one had a hangover so we improvised

Oi Your Nicked

The PC trying to get away with the IRCOC Mk3

A True Photo

Two Choppers and the Eye

Mario From Belgium

Colin the Clown

Unbelievable He was made for this bike

Colin the Clown

Cool Piccy

John Lees Mk1 3+2

As bought on the day

TC 10 Speed

Many of you havent seen this

Tc 10 Speed

TC 10 Speed Mint One Owner

Mark Dixons Yellow Mk2

Marks Fizzy from Herne Bay

restored on a low budget

Mark Dixons Mk2

Restored after recomendation from Canterbury Cycle Mart

Robbie Hopper

Robbie on his Trike

Robbies Trike

I bought this nice trike off ebay for a fiver

Robbie Collins

Yo Dude