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Well You Asked Sorry To Dissapoint You All

You all wanted to see what I looked like Here I am with my Car outside my house on my SE with My TCSE Polo shirt compliments of Lee Malin.

First Ever Pic of Alex's Sprint GT

Here is the long awaited restored mint Sprint GT from Alex Jewells collection of fine Gems

Tc Wheeeeelie

What can I say

Another Alex Jewell Jem

Another Restoration from Alex is a Shocking Pink Mk 2 he claims is for Tracie,

Ron Rides into Herne Bay in Style

Ronald Whitmill pedals down to Herne Bay to visit us

TC's NOS Tomahawk

NOS Tomahawk that I prized out of Ben Tranmers Stash

Bens Girly Chopper

Ben Tranmers loverly Girly chop about to become Pink I am told

TC Girly Chopper

A tidy rare example of a girly chopper. More and More are finding there way across the water from the USA.

My Latest Venture

A nice Girly chopper I bought this week but I am still unsure what do to it.

Alex's Loverly Girly Chopper

This is a Blue one strange really cosidering its a girls bike, Awaiting a few minor changes this will soon join the Alex Jewell Chopper collection.

Andrew Searights Choppers & Budgie

Another nice collection coming on here Andrew

Catfood Rob

Pictured here next to a red porsche on his very nice Red Chopper mk2

Gary Hughes Space Blue Mk2

Gary Hughes nice original Mk 2

Nutty Mans Nice SE

The nutty mans SE pictured here on the London Jubilee cruise

Traffic chasing on SE

Nutty man cruising round trafalger square dodging traffic

Niven Ladds Mint 10 speed

Definatly the best bike at billing 2002

On parade at Billing

A selction of choppers on parade at Billing

Billing 2002

Nice piccy of the great turnout taken by Mark Rich with my Camera

More billing

Nice shot of more Choppers on parade

Gary Hughes Mini Sprint

I Love this little bike Pictured with Darren Meers nice Sprint in white

More Choppers on Parade

Nice to see a great turnout at Billing 2002

The wife's and kids lingering

Mrs Hughes and Mrs Collins on the bottle


My Se

Lower Frame Shot of the TCSE

Showing attention to detail

Zoe Collins Choppering

Zoe getting the hang of choppering

Got it

She's mastered it

Blue Peter SE

Jason Weavers SE used By Blue Peter on the TV and shop stored until he rescued it last year Featured in Issue 8 of the Hot Ones

Mum & Daughter on A Tommy Tandem

Mandy & Zoe on Gary Hughes Tomohawk Tandem at Billing

John & Gails SE

Johns Nice restored SE

Just for Yoda

May the Chopper be with you

Reculver line Up

On Parade

Oops its a Chipper

This really nice Original Chipper brought along to Reculver on Sunday by Jake Bonici

Oh No Scwinns

How did this creep into here ???

Flasher Gary

Gary Hughes showing his fizzy lemon chopper off for the second time this year

Everone has to start somewhere

Sophie Mini Sprinting it

One In A Million

Out of the museum just for the day Its Raleighs own Gold Chopper


Girly In The Making

A Space Blue chopper in its former life

specially made for two loverly little girls

Girly 2

Shame! Cant see them ever getting to ride it

Alex Jewell's Fizzy Lemon Mk2

Alex's loverly Mk2 Fizzy Lemon Chopper

A Nice SE from Alex

Alex Jewell's pride and joy

A mighty nice SE

TCSE & Rolls

I have added thes 2 pics because everyone keeps asking for them

TCSE & Rolls Royce

Two fine examples of the most prestige modes of transport

They dont build them like this anymore.

Joda' SE

Well not quite a chopper but Joda's input to the gallery for now

TC's 3+2

The latest aquisition to my collection

The latest London Cruise

This piccy from Andy Gray

Guess who has the Ginger Hair

My latest Sprint Piccy

Bottom Bracket and lower frame shot of the TC Sprint

Getting There

Slowly but surley