NYD Parade 2006

A few photos from 2006 New Years Day London Parade taken by myself and Mick Bonnici with his new camera.

There are a lot more to come so check back soon !

I must admit attendance was down a bit on previous years but the 16 of us who braved it had the best year ever.

Big shame that Ron Whitmill  was not on parade sadly missed!!


Caught by Mick B with his new camera as I emergered from the car

Start Line

Sophie Collins

James Andrews

Oi mate show us your flag!

I cant write whistle

Ian doing his stuff

Bad hair day

Mrs Paul

Jake Bonnici

Sophie Collins

Round and Round Picadilly Circus we go!

If you look hard you can see paul and his Grifter

Paul Zooming along

Phil Wray

Every year without fail!

Sophie and Jimmy

Hey! Hey! Me & Jake B

That is a wig by the way

Mariola darling your with us!

Mark & Josh Pearson from Cambridge

Phil & Launa Wray otherwise engaged


She had to be the star of the day

Paul Turn Round!

Micks got his new camera on you dont be shy!

Paul Hiding from his Grifter

Grifter and still no Paul

A Mini propelled Efelump

London & Surrey M O C

This mini was painted with a flip flop giving it 13 different shades. Coooool!


Someone suggested what they could do to her

One of the massive inflatabes

Paul having a pose

Hello Marm your Royal Hiness!

Did I see Michael Gray hiding back there?

Joshes Mk3 with extras

At last the dynamic duo emerge

The end

Oh and Paul turn round and own up to that Grrifter

The very end