This is a Profile of

Niven Ladd

Niven Known to us as Mr Perfectionist (or just sad)

Offers a complete range of services to us Chopper Enthusiast's 

This is his current list of parts and prices:

MK1 & Mk2 Black Seat repro covers 15:00 inc P+P
MK1 & Mk2 Black Seat Under boards 5:00
Coloured Seat covers 21:00 incP+P
Glitter Seat Covers 26:00 inc P+P
MK1 & Mk2 Polished Stainless Steel Sissy Bars 31:50
MK1 Mild Steel (unchromed) Sissy Bar 25:00
MK1 Mild Steel (unchromed) Sissy Bar 1969 only 25:00
Mild Steel (unchromed) High Back Rest Sissy Bar only 48:00
High Back Rest Back plate and pad 16:00
MK1 Chain Guard in Primer 20:00

all other parts + postage

Frame repairs (Quotes available on request)


"As someone said to me once set your standards as high as Nivens and you will be on the right track"


His Bikes

Well as one says "Concourse of Course"

He has a collection of Bike's ranging from Chopper 3 Speeds, Chopper 10 Speeds, Schwinns, A Swing Bike

and his most prized possession to date His Schwinn Lemon Peeler

to which he has had every single moving part chromed

This is a disc brake model

which he believes is the only one in the country

You Can contact Niven on 01732 846906

A Vehicle Trimmer by Trade Niven Will be happy to Quote for  any  kind of Interior Work