www.raleigh-chopper.net was set up in to offer a different kind of service to chopper restoration buffs around the globe.

After voicing my opinion to others and causing no end of controversy It was suggested I start my own website. So I did and here it is and this is why.

I wanted to put something into this small community that people would appreciate but as we are British change is a no go, However.

We have and continue to restore bikes of behalf of the public who cannot or do not have the time or knowledge to do the job themselves.

Having been in the car body and renovation game for many years we have the tools and the capabilities to do everything that your little old Chopper requires whether it be something simple like a stuck sissy bar or a major show restoration we can do it all.

When I rekindled my childhood back in late 2000 I went out on a limb to have the best bikes that I could have, causing much controversy along the way. Still the past is behind people have seen what we are about and respect this, Those that don't just tick along in their own worlds.

I went along to shows and viewed others bikes that where ok and I also a met a guy called Niven Ladd who I was told by who I thought was the don of choppers Laurie Edwards that if I set my standards to Nivens I have something to look up too.

I have done this and in some cases in Nivens own words gone beyond. I have a great deal of respect for Niven as he set me on the road to having a collection of bikes different to the normal mk2.

I now have just about every different model chopper they made including the rare species.

I have sprayed over 150 frames for people over the UK some names I have never heard of and may never hear again, Some of Gary Hughes's better bikes like his notorious swingbike and his orange 3+2, Ben Tramners Special Edition. I have even painted frames and continue doing so on a regular basis for Niven Ladd, Some of Jason Weavers bikes all have had the TC touch to name but just a few.

Lee Malins Tandem and his range of Herbie style Bikes have had the full resto touch. The Steve Bailey Mk 1 chopper that is causing yet more controversial issues is among one of our show pieces.

We source all the best parts and use all the best materials, chromers have to be faultless, Nothing is second best here.

The website has grown considerably larger as time has gone on and last year I embarked on re-launching The International Raleigh Chopper Owners Club after the amount of complaints being publicly made about the then owned Mark Rich so called Club.

All that aside the  it was brandished as a scam and that I was just out to con people out of 15.00, membership was from this point a hard challenge to combat as many members where still owed a bit from before, but with a lot of hard work and a extreme amount of money and time members are joining daily now boasting a very large register of members even some of the old die hard's are enjoying the benefits of a true club.

Now very controversial and second on most search engines I have achieved what I set out to do which was offer something different .

I have met lots of very interesting and fascinating people along the way.

ENJOY and as we say here "CHOPPER ON"

Oh the plug. If you need any assistance with your own projects Just call us FREE on 08000 284 285